CarpEDIem – My New Squidoo Lens – A Companion to the EDInomics Blog

Last year the new lens I introduced a Squidoo lens focused on “Implementing a B2B e-Commerce Program.”   Today, I am introducing a second lens entitled CarpEDIem.  Why a second lens?  CarpEDIem has a different mission than the B2B e-Commerce Lens.  In CarpEDIem, my goal was to highlight the importance that B2B e-Commerce plays in the global economy and to encourage more businesses to further invest in their B2B programs.  Only 50% of the transactions that could be automated with e-Commerce are using B2B technology today.   As a result, businesses must contend with parallel business processes – half paper-based and half digital. This is not only bad for the manufacturers, retailers, banks and hospitals who have not been able to fully optimize their business processes, but it is bad for all of us consumers who purchase goods and services from these companies. When automation can occur to maximize efficiency not only do costs decline, but customer service improves and product innovation accelerates.

The CarpEDIem content features many of the topics discussed on this EDInomics blog including

  • Six Degrees to B2B – Examples of how B2B e-Commerce affects your everyday life activities such as purchasing a car, shopping for back to school and visiting your doctor.
  • B2B and Current Events – How greater B2B adoption to could help government efforts with homeland security, pandemic outbreaks and food contamination.
  • Obama’s E-Commerce Czar – My proposal for the new administration to appoint an E-Commerce Czar in support of Obama’s environmental, health care and manufacturing platform.
  • Historical Perspective – A look back at the B2B e-Marketplaces of the Dot Com Era.  Why did they fail?  But more importantly how have they influenced the evolution of B2B.
  • Obstacles to B2B – Key issues preventing further adoption of B2B technologies such as the Long Tail of B2B Standards, legacy communications standards and Large File Transfer.